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Giraffe (2021)

This Giraffe was created using oil paints and is one of two pieces commissioned to be displayed side by side in their new home. The ostrich is featured below.

Ostrich (2021)

Partnered up with the Giraffe above, the ostrich and giraffe compliment each other beautifully. Both created using oil paints on canvas board. Nothing says quirky like these two!

Ostrich Head_edited.png
Elephant drawing.jpg

Elephant (2021)


This elephant was drawn in pencil. The reference photo was taken by the client while on their holidays. Elephants are beautiful creatures to draw with all their different textures, wrinkles and folds of skin.

Vulture (2021)

This piece has made its way safely to Dubai. Commissioned as a gift to a grandson, who has taken a fond interest in vulture documentaries. I spent many hours on this piece, painting each feather for depth and detail. Painted using oils on canvas board.
(Artwork sold worldwide)

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