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Chris and Elise.jpg

Father & Daughter by the seaside (2023)

A magical moment captured of father and daughter. Created as a gift from wife to husband. Created using oil paints on canvas.

Newly Weds.jpg

Newly Weds (2023)

The bride and groom sharing a beautiful moment during their first dance together. Black & White keeps a moment like this timeless.

Hollie and Eve.jpg

Hollie and Eve (2022)

Commissioned as a gift from wife to husband of their gorgeous daughters. Moments like these make beautiful paintings.

Emilia R.jpg

Emilia and Rory (2021)

'A picture paints a thousand words'
This piece was painted as a gift for Emilia who tragically lost her father, Rory, in 2021. Created using oil paints on canvas board.

Mother's Day

Growing up (2021)

This piece was commissioned as a gift for mother's day. Created using oil paints on canvas board. I am delighted with the result!

Emilias grandparents.jpg

Andrea & Alessandra Tossi (2021)

I absolutely adore the outfits in this piece! Created using pencil on A4 card.

Mr and Mrs B_edited.jpg

Mr & Mrs (2020)

Personality oozes out of this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed referring back to the reference photo! Created using pencil on A4 card.

Arthur and Blaise_edited.jpg

Arthur & Blaise (2021)

I was delighted to be commissioned to paint these two cuties! Created as a gift from husband to wife on her birthday. The floating frame compliments this piece beautifully.


The late Jimi (2020)

Commissioned as a gift from husband to wife after her father passed earlier that year. It is an absolute honour to be asked and trusted with these sentimental pieces.
Created using oil paints on canvas.

Emma and Bowie_edited.jpg

Emma & Bowie (2021)

Commissioned as a birthday gift from parents to their daughter Emma, featuring the love of her life- Bowie! You can tell the love for Bowie is reciprocated.

Mr Fitzimons_edited_edited.jpg

Mr Fitzimons (2020)

Painted in loving memory of Mr Fitzsimons, and given as a gift to his son. Created using charcoal on A4 card.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish (2021)

Created using pencil on A4 card, Billie Eilish has such a beautiful face to draw. I really enjoyed the different textures and details of her jewellery & clothing.

Wedding piece.jpg

Newly Weds (2021)

Commissioned as a gift for a couple recently married. Such a beautiful moment captured! Oil painting on canvas board.

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