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Pet Portraits

Oil Pastel and Oil Painting

Pet Paintings: Welcome

All Animals Welcome

International shipping available


Cola (2024)
"You really surpassed all our expectations. We can't pass it without stopping for (another) look!" -Brian

Pet portrait.jpeg

Tessa (2024)
"You have totally captured her essence. I LOVE it!" - Gwen

German Shepards.jpeg

Puma, Phoebe, Savvy, Bruie, Shadow, Yana & Chelsea (2024)
"I'm thrilled with the painting, you really captured all the different personalities!" -Gráinne

Cat Portrait.jpg

Camille (2024)
"I am obsessed with this piece. You got his eyes so perfect, just incredible"-Michelle

Bear dog painting.jpg

Bear (2024)
"Not only do we love it, but Bear started barking at it so she agrees!" -Steven


Thor (2023)

Dog and guinea pigs pet painting.jpg

Toshi, Crumbs & Biscuit (2023)
"It is the most fab piece of art I have ever seen. It's in pride of place in the living room and I adore it!"- Laura

The Sparrow Pack Pet Painting.jpg

The Sparrow Pack (2023)
"Our art piece is a favourite in our home, and almost a year on we still stand back and admire how amazing it is. Start to finish Alex captured our packs personalities to perfection"-Karen

Baxter Painting.jpeg

Baxter (2023)
"Its genuinely like having him back home again. It really is beyond incredible!"- Ciara

Mr Elliott and Barney Pet Painting.jpg

Mr Elliott & Barney (2023)
"He couldn't get over how life-like both animals were. It's hanging pride of place on our sitting room wall. It'll be treasured for years to come!"- Emer

Pet painting.jpeg

Yakutian Laika (2023)

Major Pet Painting.jpg

Major (2023)
"Sharon absolutely loved the painting of Major. I gave it to her the night before the wedding"- Niall

Jimmy Pet Painting.jpg

Jimmy (2023)


Cosmo (2023)

Tilly Pet Painting.jpg

Tilly (2023)

Tag Pet Portrait.jpg

Tag (2023)
"You did a fab job Alex, they LOVE it"- Katie

Boo Pet Portrait.jpg

Boo (2023)
"Boo was a bit confused when he saw it first as it was like looking into a mirror, but he soon gave it his seal of approval! We are so delighted with it!"- Darren

Pastel Painting.jpg

Bailey (2023)
"You got her so perfect, its exactly like the photo and so life-like. I love it so much"-Mel

Milo Pet Painting.jpg

Milo (2023)
"The guys loooved your painting, tears and everything when they saw it!"- Andrea

Pet portrait.jpg

Hunter (2023)
"Jimmy LOVED the painting Alex, Its gorgeous. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you!"-Rosemary

image1 (7).jpeg

Boots (2023)
"Wow, wow, wow LOVE!! Honestly blown away, the details in boot's eyes of reflection too"- Christine

Prince Pet Painting.jpg

Prince (2023)
"She was thrilled with it, it's very special"- Ellen

Guinea pigs.jpeg

 The Poogs (2022)

"They're perfect!! You are so amazingly talented!"- Francis

Pastel Portrait.jpg

Ruben (2022)

Pet Portrait.jpeg

Suzi (2022)
"Mam teared up, like me. We are beyond happy, they keep just staring at it!"- Aisling

Pet painting.jpeg

Buddy & Harry (2022)


Remi (2022)
"The painting of Remi is completely out of this world, it's exceeded expectations! The level of detail is incredible. It's better than the photo"- Niamh & Andrew


Shadow (2022)


Otis (2022) 
"I love it so much! Obviously it looks like him, but more than that you really captured his weird little personality and I will treasure the painting forever!"- Sarah


Arnold (2021)

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