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Pet Paintings: Welcome
Pet Portraits.jpg

Pet Portraits

Oil Pastel and Oil Painting

Pet Paintings: Welcome

All Animals Welcome

International shipping available

Pet portrait.jpeg
German Shepards.jpeg

Cola (2024)
"You really surpassed all our expectations. We can't pass it without stopping for (another) look!" -Brian

Tessa (2024)
"You have totally captured Tessa's essence. I LOVE it!" - Gwen

Puma, Phoebe, Savvy, Bruie, Shadow, Yana & Chelsea (2024)

"I'm thrilled with the painting, you really captured all the different personalities!" -Gráinne

Cat Portrait.jpg
Bear dog painting.jpg

Camille (2024)

"I am obsessed with this piece. You got his eyes so perfect, just incredible"-Michelle

Bear (2024)

"Not only do we love it, but Bear started barking at it so she agrees!" -Steven

Thor (2023)

"ALEX my mother absolutely loved it"- Sarah

Dog and guinea pigs pet painting.jpg
The Sparrow Pack Pet Painting.jpg
Baxter Painting.jpeg

Toshi, Crumbs & Biscuit (2023)

"It is the most fab piece of art I have ever seen. It's in pride of place in the living room and I adore it!"- Laura

The Sparrow Pack (2023)

"Our art piece is a favourite in our home, and almost a year on we still stand back and admire how amazing it is. Start to finish Alex captured our packs personalities to perfection"-Karen

Baxter (2023)

"Its genuinely like having Baxter back home again. It really is beyond incredible!"- Ciara

Mr Elliott and Barney Pet Painting.jpg
Pet painting.jpeg
Major Pet Painting.jpg

Mr Elliott & Barney (2023)

"My husband couldn't get over how life-like both animals are. It's hanging pride of place on our sitting room wall. It'll be treasured for years to come!"- Emer

Yakutian Laika (2023)

"Painting is gorgeous Alex, we absolutely love it!"- Lano

Major (2023)

"Sharon absolutely loved the painting of Major. I gave it to her the night before the wedding"- Niall

Jimmy Pet Painting.jpg
Tilly Pet Painting.jpg

Jimmy (2023)
"The likeness to Jimmy is so real it brought happy tears. The portrait sits pride of place in the living room and gets such positive feedback from family & friends"- Adrienne

Cosmo (2023)

"I've had four pet portraits created by Alex, two for myself, and one for each of my two sons. The dogs true characters are perfectly captured!"- Wendy

Tilly (2023)

"Oh wow Alex, it is amazing. It's so Tilly! My husband's family were well impressed too"- Marie

Tag Pet Portrait.jpg
Boo Pet Portrait.jpg
Pastel Painting.jpg

Tag (2023)
"You did a fab job Alex, my brother and his wife LOVE it"- Katie

Boo (2023)

"Boo was a bit confused when he saw it first as it was like looking into a mirror, but he soon gave it his seal of approval! We are so delighted with it!"- Darren

Bailey (2023)
"You got her so perfect, its exactly like the photo and so life-like. I love it so much"-Mel

Milo Pet Painting.jpg
Pet portrait.jpg
image1 (7).jpeg

Milo (2023)
"My friend loved your painting, tears and everything when she saw it!"- Andrea

Hunter (2023)

"Jimmy LOVED the painting Alex, Its gorgeous. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you!"-Rosemary

Boots (2023)

"Wow, wow, wow LOVE!! Honestly blown away, the details in boot's eyes of reflection too"- Christine

Prince Pet Painting.jpg
Guinea pigs.jpeg
Pastel Portrait.jpg

Prince (2023)

"My sister was thrilled with it, it's very special"- Ellen

 The Poogs (2022)

"They're perfect!! You are so amazingly talented!"- Francis

Ruben (2022)

"We are so delighted with the portrait of Ruben, it makes us smile every time we see it! The quality of Alex’s work is absolutely amazing, would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a special portrait of their pet" -Sarah

Pet Portrait.jpeg
Pet painting.jpeg

Suzi (2022)

"Mam teared up, like me. We are beyond happy, my parents keep just staring at it!"- Aisling

Buddy & Harry (2022)

Remi (2022)
"The painting of Remi is completely out of this world, it's exceeded expectations! The level of detail is incredible. It's better than the photo"- Niamh & Andrew


Shadow (2022)
"You can see every single hair stroke. It's constantly mistaken for a photograph its so life-like. My family are obsessed with it!"- Sinead

Otis (2022) 

"I love it so much! Obviously it looks like him, but more than that you really captured his weird little personality and I will treasure the painting forever!"- Sarah

Arnold (2021)
"I love it!! It makes me want to cry!! Thank you so much"- Laragh

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